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Birthdate:Dec 12
Location:Illinois, United States of America
I'm over 18.

I believe in love-at-first-sight, and soul-mates (both in the romantic and non-romantic sense). I believe that friends are people you can lean on and who can lean on you when times get tough. I believe that a friend is someone you shouldn't have to watch what you do around.I'm a closet romantic who pretends to be tough because although I was born a lover I have never found love.

I believe that sexuality is fluid. It lies on a continuum. I believe that when I fall in love, it will be because of who the person is, not because they're a boy or girl; or because they're rich or poor; or because they prefer gatorade over powerade.

I think (and other people have implied) that I don't have friends because I am too intense.

I love watching LGBTQQ related TV-shows and movies... I love slash fan-fiction.

I love Luke & Noah's story on As The World Turns. I don't appreciate a lot of the story lines, but I love the characters and their relationship. I love Noah more than Luke, although that might be because I relate to his "silent sufferer" as opposed to Luke's "spoiled brat". Some of the fanfiction authors ought to write stories for ATWT (its better in content and writing).

I recently got into Greg/Nick fanfiction (CSI).

I like Harry Potter fan-fiction more than the Harry Potter Series. (mostly Hermione-het with the older Weasley brothers,Remus or Draco; but I aslo like Remus/Sirius or Draco/Harry slash)

I was an avid reader but after I began reading and occasionally writing fan-fiction, I stopped reading real books.... now its just un-printed fan-fiction and me... :P... fan-fiction corrupted my innocent mind :P.

I believe that boys are jerks and should be shown their place in society... I'm a womanist and I don't appreciate being cut down at every turn...

I'm not very fond of sports, but I like badminton... and soccer... and snow-fighting... :P

I like music... lots of it... although I'm not very fond of Hip-Hop & Rap... I love to sing but I've never had formal training and don't know how to sight read...

Interests (145):

3 doors down, acting, augustana, avril lavigne, back to the future, baking, balloons, being lazy, being right, being silly, bend it like beckham, blood ties, blue, blueberry muffins, boys kissing, brothers & sisters, bryan adams, bubble baths, bubbles, busted, cheese fondue, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, chronicle of a death foretold, counting crows, crime scene investigation, daughtry, death cab for cutie, drama, eating, evan vanfossen hansis, eye colors, eyes, fanfic, fanfiction, fraggle rock, freshly squeezed orange juice, gay, ginger ale, good will hunting, green apples, harry potter, hellogoodbye, hermione/bill, hermione/draco, hermione/remus, heroes, hinder, hot chocolate, house m.d., ice-cream, internet, jake silbermann, jeremiah, john doe, johnny quest, keith urban, kelly clarkson, knight rider, lemons, les chansons d'amour, lgbt, lifehouse, linkin park, long fingers, lord of the rings, love, luke snyder, luke/noah, maroon 5, matchbox twenty, meet the robinsons, men, merlin, moonlight, movies, music, my bed, my chemical romance, my laptop, nelly furtado, nickelback, noah mayer, noah/luke, nuke, numb3rs, one republic, oranges, pajamas, panic at the disco, pappyland, philosophy, phish food, photography, pink, poetry, privileged, queer as folk, rain, rambling, rascal flatts, reading, red hot chilli peppers, relient k, researching comic books, robin hood, ronan keating, s club 8/juniors, sarcasm, sexuality, sharp canines, simple plan, singing, slash, sleep, sleeping, smallville, smiles, snow, soap operas, storms, strawberries, swimming, switchfoot, teeth, the abduction club, the centurions, the eagles, the hush sound, the sims 2, the spill canvas, tim mcgraw, true blood, tv, van hansis, van/jake, veronika decides to die, warm showers, watchmen, westlife, whipped cream and strawberries, white wine, winter, writing, x-men evolution
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